Rabbit Breeds

What rabbit breeds do you want to rear? Well, that depends on what you want to do with your rabbits. Are you keeping rabbits for meat? For fur or just as pets? I recommend you consider breeds that are locally available to you.

There are 30+ different breeds of rabbits. Some of the breeds are good for meat production some for fur production and some for both. Choose a breed depending on what you want to offer and what your market requires.
Here are the common rabbit breeds;

American Chinchila Rabbit

American Chinchilla

It is an efficient rabbit for fur and meat! Its body type has a desirable meat style, with a deep loin and broad shoulders.


Californian White

This breed was developed to be a good meat breed with a good blocky meaty body. Californian white rabbits are black on their ears and nose and have pink eyes

Flemish Giant Rabbit Breed

Flemish Giant

This breed can grow big up to weighing 20+ pounds. They do eat a lot more, and because of their body weight will have bigger bones. They are very good for meat production

French Angora Rabbit Breed

French Angora

Their body is oval in shape. They can produce meat but are best at producing fur due to their fluffy bodies.

New Zealand White Rabbit Breed

New Zealand White

These are one of the healthier hearty high production rabbit breeds. New Zealand’s are a breed that can be used for meat and laboratory tests.

Palomino Rabbit Breed


Mostly golden in colour and can grow up to 6.5kg. It’s good for both meat and fur production

Rex Rabbit Breed


Can produce meat but are very good at fur production

Dutch Rabbit Breed


Has a colour pattern on its body. It can be used in shows and is good for both meat and fur production.

Ear Lop Rabbit Breed

French/Ear Lop

These rabbits are very heavy and with wide heads. Their ears are between 30 to 38cms long and grow to at least 4.5kg. Have dense skin thus good for fur as well as meat production.